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Gear Aid Camo Form Reusable Fabric Wrap

Properly camouflage your firearms and equipment without leaving behind a sticky residue with Camo Form® Reusable Fabric Wrap. This self-adhering, elastic wrap is easy to apply and is removable. When it gets dirty or wet, simply remove, wash, let dry and reapply. 

  • Camo Form stretches and sticks to itself, conforming to any shape for a custom fit. It also protects and quiets clanking objects. Use it on guns, scopes, knives, tree stands, flashlights - whatever needs concealment in the field. 
  • Covers one standard rifle or shotgun
  • Conceals and quiets firearms and gear, while adding grip and insulation from hot and cold surfaces
  • Heavy-duty, self-adhering fabric wrap stays on during any mission or hunting trip
  • Cut to any size or adjust wrap as often as needed; leaves no sticky residue 
  • Easily remove and clean when it gets dirty; once dry, reapply as needed 
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Whether you're around town, climbing a mountain, or exploring crystal clear waters, Gear Aid's® got you covered.

Gear Aid, a McNett® brand, manufactures over 100 products that help provide a better experience outdoors; products that are tested and proven in the most extreme environments so that you know they’ll work anywhere. McNett's family of brands help you drink water anywhere, get more from your gear, improve your odds in the field and travel smarter.

Let Gear Aid provide you with Essentials for Adventure™.
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