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Mathews Ultrarest Integrate MX2 Arrow Rest

Mathews® teamed up with Quality Archery Design® to introduce the all-new UltraRest® Integrate MX2™. This compact, micro-adjust rest was designed specifically for Mathews bows with an all-new silent capture bar and a more robust machined launcher built to withstand the most extreme conditions. The streamlined housing provides a seamless connection to the bow while providing precision tuning with .0019 thousandths of an inch adjustment per click, both horizontally and vertically for a new level of precision in your hunting setup.

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Mathews Inc. was launched in Austin, MN in 1992 with two employees. Like many companies in their infancy, job descriptions were short and to the point: "we do what we need to do to get the work done." That teamwork & dedication was the framework for Mathews' management philosophy: "people first, business second."

Fast forward to today, and we see that Mathews has grown to become the largest grossing archery manufacturer in the world. By putting people first and business second, Matt McPherson has successfully built a major force in the archery industry.

Now located in Sparta, WI, Mathews manufactures a diverse line of archery equipment, bow components & accessories for authorized retailers worldwide.

Authorized Mathews Retailers, such as the Kittery Trading Post, are carefully selected knowledgeable, service-oriented retailers. By remaining loyal to their business partners, Mathews maintains quality control through all phases of their product cycle. There are many benefits to going to your Mathews retailer that you won't get anywhere else.

Top Reasons to visit your local Authorized Mathews Retailer:

  1. One of their goals is to fuel your passion
  2. Mathews retailers are dedicated archery specialists; they offer the highest quality products available
  3. They offer personal attention & will service your specific archery needs
  4. Their knowledgeable sales staff are bowhunters like you
  5. The warm, friendly atmosphere will make you feel at home and it's your destination for officially licensed Mathews products
  6. And remember at a Mathews retailer you can shoot the latest models before you buy to choose the right bow for you
  7. They will help you set up your bow and make sure it's tuned so it's ready to shoot when you take to the field
  8. At your Mathews retailer, archery is not just their job, it's their passion

So, come on down to the Kittery Trading Post and we'll get you geared up with the best Mathews products around!

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