Metropolitan Maple Tea Soft Wood Chest, 25-Bag zoom in


Metropolitan Maple Tea Soft Wood Chest, 25-Bag

Sweet with piquant caramel notes and real maple syrup! A unique flavor that complements high grown tea very well.

  • Premium Ceylon Tea with natural flavors
  • Decorative wooden storage box
  • String and tag tea bag in a flavor-sealed pouch
  • Quantity: 25 tea bags
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Selling tea may not be the world's oldest profession, but it's up there!

The tea business spans every continent, ocean and time zone and is layered with nuance, regional customs and trade complications. As such, experience and depth of knowledge is essential in order to navigate the markets successfully, buy the world's finest teas, and ensure they come from reputable sources.

For over 30 years the Metropolitan Tea® Company's mission has been to provide their customers with the finest loose, premium teas and accessories the world has to offer. In order to provide the best, they maintain close relationships with growers, suppliers, and manufacturers in every corner of the tea world.

Tea isn't just Metropolian Tea's business. It's their passion.
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