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Neptune Fish Jerky - Sweet Citrus Ginger

Sweet! Savory! Tasty! Tender! Balancing zesty lemon, rich honey, natural spices, and refreshing ginger - a blend of sweet and savory is packed into every bite. Perfect for every palate! Neptune's® most tender Fish Jerky flavor.

Using only fresh, sustainable, and natural ingredients, Neptune's Fish Jerky is gluten-free, preservative free, dairy-free, nut free, and non-GMO. A Sustainable Ocean Snack!

  • Perfect for a spring picnic or an afternoon sail
  • 100% traceability
  • Net weight: 2.25 oz.
  • Made in USA

Ingredients: Wild-Caught Alaska Pollock, Liquid Aminos (Vegetable Protein from NON-GMO Soybeans, Purified Water), Coconut Sugar, Natural Liquid Smoke (Hickory Smoke Flavor, Vinegar, Molasses), Honey, Ginger Root, Garlic, Citric Acid, Lemon Juice Powder, Sunflower Oil, Lemon Peel Extract

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Neptune's® mission is to Restore Humankind's Healthy Relationship with the Sea. Their Sustainable Ocean Snacks help reduce seafood waste, support local wild-caught fisheries, and mobilize ocean heroes (you!) to build a better food system. Neptune works with undervalued local fishers and fisheries to raise their value and make the most of their catch, with 100% traceability to the source.

Neptune is a small fish fighting for big change in the seafood industry! Every pack you snack reduces seafood waste, supports responsible U.S. fisheries, and drives broader change - so more sustainable fish in your diet equals more fish in our oceans. Supporting responsible local fisheries is a win, win, win... win! Good for the Ocean, good for fishing communities, healthier and higher quality for you!

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