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Bert and I...On Stage CD by Marshall Dodge and Robert Bryan

Nearly 50 years after Bert and I first burst on the scene, the fictional fishermen duo remain as synonymous with Maine as L.L. Bean and lobsters.

All of today's top Maine storytellers from Kendall Morse to John McDonald to Tim Sample owe a debt to Marshall Dodge and Robert Bryan, whose "characters" and stories - this is where "You can't get there from here" all started - not only helped create a cottage industry but have become a part of the Maine culture and lexicon.

Sadly, the Bert and I partnership, which began in 1958, was cut short by the tragic hit-and-run death of Dodge in 1982. The four original albums that were released starting in 1961 have been remastered into CDs.

This wonderful CD recaptures all the dry wit and subtle humor of Bert and I that you remember or have undoubtedly heard about.

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