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I'm Getting a Shark! by Brady Smith

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Meet a little girl who is the biggest shark superfan around! And when she overhears her parents utter the word Shark while discussing her birthday, her imagination is off and running! She can’t wait to be surprised by the pet shark she just KNOWS is coming her way . . . but what kind will it be? As she lists all the possibilities, her disbelieving pooch, Ralphie, tries to set her straight. But she’s not paying attention - instead, she is getting more and more excited by the beauty and variety of these awesome creatures. Finally, when her birthday rolls around, she gets a different kind of surprise - a wild shark adopted in her name. She’s disappointed at first - but ultimately is proud to play a role in helping protect the creatures she loves so dearly (and is finally listening to Ralphie - who sure knows a lot about sharks for a dog).

  • Hardcover
  • Ideal for ages 3-7 years old
  • Humor
  • 32 pages
  • Dimensions: 10"H x 10"W

ISBN: 9780593111123

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$17.99 $5.99