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Sweet Grass Farm All-Natural Hand Lotion With Shea Butter

Sweet Grass Farm's Farmhouse all-natural skin care lotion is suitable for both hands and body, as it contains Shea Butter and Olive Oil. Together, the two create a powerful combination of moisture and natural antioxidants!

Take care of your skin with the best ingredients! Shea Butter is rich in natural moisture and vitamins, which can protect and heal your skin. This lotion gets rave reviews for its rich, creamy texture and moisturizing abilities. Use this all-natural hand cream daily to nourish and protect your beautiful skin!

  • All-natural ingredients
  • 16.9 oz.

Ingredients: Purified water, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, aloe vera, vitamins A, E & D, essential and fragrance oil

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From a small kitchen, hand stirring batches of creative and good-for-you products, Sweet Grass Farm® dreams up products that contain natural, fragrant and gentle ingredients at affordable prices. It's a small, honest and fun company focused on creating useful everyday products like soaps, lotions, lip balms and soy candles — all created on the premise that less is more and simple, natural formulas can be quite effective.

Sweet Grass Farm — a fragrant and natural lifestyle
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