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Poo~Pourri Backwoods Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

Using Poo~Pourri® Backwoods Before-You-Go® Toilet Spray is just like the scent you smell camping in the deep forest of the Pacific Northwest - minus the whole massive bugs and uncomfortable rocks for beds! Poo~Pourri traps bathroom odor under the water's surface, so it never enters the air - leaving your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Simply spray the water in the bowl with Poo~Pourri Toilet Spray before using the toilet, to prevent odors before they begin - leaving the Porcelain Throne smelling better than you found it!

You won't find Synthetic Fragrances, Parabens, Phthalates, Aerosols, Alcohol, or Formaldehyde in ~Pourri product's safe, plant-based formula. Poo~Pourri's Backwoods is a blend of Natural Essential Oils - Cypress, Fresh Air, and Pine. Poo~Pourri is The Original Before-You-Go Toilet Spray!

  • Eliminates bathroom odors
  • Up to 100 uses per spray bottle
  • Net weight: 2 fl. oz. (59ml)
  • Proudly made in the USA

Scent Notes:

  • Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Orange, Fresh Air, Litsea Cubeba, Orange, Wildberry
  • Middle: Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Cypress
  • Bottom: Pine Needle, Cedar, Vanilla
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Eliminate funky odors without funky ingredients!

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