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Pet~Pourri Pawsitively Fresh Pet Odor Eliminator Spray

Pet odor can be 'ruff' - but not anymore! The good folks at ~Pourri® have created Pet~Pourri™️ as the purrrfect solution to eliminate home odor caused by pets! Pet~Pourri Pawsitively Fresh air and fabric spray, eliminates pet odor across your home. Plant-based blends are used in ~Pourri's Proprietary Funk Lock™ Technology, working together to neutralize odor molecules - so they never reach your nose and leave your home smelling better than you found it! Enjoy the incredible fresh and clean scent, as it eliminates pet odors instantly! Clear The Air With Pet~Pourri!

  • Do not spray directly on your pets
  • Funk Lock Technology eliminates 99% of pet odor in air, on fabric, clothes, and other household surfaces
  • Strong, concentrated formula requires less sprays
  • Provides long lasting freshness
  • Net weight: 16 fl. oz. (472ml)
  • Proudly made in the USA
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Eliminate funky odors without funky ingredients!

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