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Moosehead Balsam Fir 5" x 5" Large Cats Balsam Pillow

Moosehead Balsam Fir® filled Pillows freshen drawers, closets, cars and other areas with a natural fragrance that can last for years. To reactivate the balsam scent, just moisten and fluff the bag.

  • Made in Maine
  • 90% of balsam made from recycled Christmas trees
  • Handmade 5" x 5" x 3"
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Moosehead Balsam Fir® is a family-run business established in 1994. They recycle local Christmas trees to produce the balsam fir in a commitment to create eco-friendly products. After the Christmas trees are de-limbed to make the balsam fir products, the remaining portion of the trees are used by the Moosehead Snowmobile Club as poles to guide snowmobiles along the trail system.

Moosehead Balsam Fir pillows, bags and door stoppers are filled with all natural balsam fir. The aroma is long-lasting and reminiscent of Maine's North Woods.

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