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Scotty Gear Head Mount Extender Kit

Scotty's® Gear Head Mount Extender Kit comes with a No. 428 Gear Head Mount, a No. 459 Adjustable Rod Holder Extender, and a No. 312 Mounting Post.
  • Re-position your rod holder with just a twist
  • Extends the height of the rod holder by 6 1/2"

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In 1952, Blayney Scott started a small company in Victoria, British Columbia, that pioneered the use of plastics in the manufacturing of salmon fishing lures and other marine products. From humble beginnings, Scott Plastics Ltd. has evolved to produce thousands of products under the Scotty® trademark which are sold to fishing, marine, outdoor, and firefighting industries worldwide. Now, with markets all over North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond, Scotty products are gaining a reputation for being top quality, yet affordable.

From production to community involvement, the Scotty name carries pride and distinction. All products are backed by years of manufacturing experience and the highest quality customer service. Test-drive programs, excellent vendor support, and a superior product have made Scotty one of the leaders in the fishing industry. This is a company with small business origins, a  big heart, and big plans.

Scotty — The Way to Fish™.
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