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Simms Replacement Boot Lace - 1 Pair

Replacement laces give a little new life to your favorite boots!

  • One pair of strong and durable boot laces
  • High-quality denier nylon 
  • Keep a spare pair in your kit
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 74"


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Made By Anglers in Bozeman, Montana Since 1980! Simms® makes products that serve a higher purpose. Fishing is fishing, but more importantly, gear that performs at the highest level allows all anglers to embrace the overall fishing experience and all the unique nuances that occur before and after the catch.

Every moment you spend on the water should always be cherished and savored - and never taken for granted! At Simms, they've come to realize that fishing isn't a pastime. It's not a hobby. And it's not a sport. Fishing is a way of life! The good folks at Simms firmly believe we all owe it to ourselves to make as much time as possible to do the things we truly live for. After all, you only get one life! #FishItWell.

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