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Donnmar Model 850 Pliers Leather Holster

This holster is carefully crafted using the smae top-of-the-line treated leather that's used in military and law enforcement applications where outdoor wear and durability is required. It's custom formed to retain the plier in the holster, yet allows easy plier removal when required. 

  • Fits 850 model pliers
  • Outperforms and outlasts other leather sheaths in water-, scuff-, stain- and stretch-resistance
  • Fully stitched
  • Custom formed
  • Able to be worn with or without belt
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Donnmar™ pliers are precision instruments designed to provide fishermen with years of flawless performance. They continue to be the choice of serious fishermen and are revered for their ultra-lightweight, superior strength and easy-to-grip design. Donnmar pliers boast outstanding features and unmatched performance in both fresh or saltwater.
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