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Ed Cumings Limited Series Nylon Boat Net

The Ed Cumings® Limited Series Net has a strong 1/2" bow and a 1" diamond embossed handle.
  • Nylon netting
  • Handle: 30"
  • Net depth: 30"
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Ed Cumings® Inc. is an American fishing tackle company that supplies fisherman all over the world with equipment needed for their favorite pastime.

It all began back in 1927 with Mr. Cumings. He worked in the automobile industry selling automotive supplies to General Motors, but his love of fishing led him to start making high-quality, hand-tied flies in his garage. That was the beginning of the company known today which has expanded every year to become a world wide supplier to the fishing tackle industry.

The company's philosophy is simple: Supply the very finest quality fishing tackle at a fair price to customers all over the world. It's simple and true - just like the sport they have been a part of for over 85 years.
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Circular 19" diameter 30" handle $19.99