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R & R Tackle Small Wrist Dehooker

The use of a dehooker dramatically increases the survival of both bait fish and game fish after they are unhooked. It also  decreases injury to your hands caused by the spines and teeth of the bait fish and is actually a faster way to unhook fish. 

The Small Wrist Dehooker has a coiled, telephone cord lanyard to keep the dehooker on your wrist for ease of dehooking.

  • For fish up to about 2 lbs.
  • Super-strong wooden handle with unique flat spot for thumb, opposite the dehooker opening
  • R-shaped, stainless steel design helps keep line in place until fish is removed 
  • Tough and corrosion-resistant stainless steel wire
  • Handle shape provides comfortable and secure grip
  • Floats
  • Length: 6"
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The R&R Tackle™ company provides meticulously crafted affordable fishing tackle. Made from high quality materials, each and every product was designed by Capt. Ray Rosher, and has endured rigorous testing aboard the Miss Britt Sportfishing Fleet.
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