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Brite-Strike Ultraviolet Line Light Lure Illuminator

Brite-Strike® UV Line Lights® fishing lure lights are set at 385 nm (not visible to humans). They work best in very deep or dark and dirty water at any depth when there is very little natural light. If you are using a UV-coated lure or rig at less than 30 feet there may be sufficient UV light penetration from the sun. 

The UV Line Lights illuminators have a proprietary dye coating on the UV LED that you can see a faint violet light to let you know it is on. Use either polished aluminum front version or flat white to match the type of tackle and conditions.

  • Polished aluminum front reflects LED light onto lure or rig in any condition, at any depth
  • Not dependent on light from the sun
  • High output long life LED’s
  • Marine-grade UV protected PVC pouch
  • Torpedo shaped with two grommets
  • Waterproof down to 200+ feet
  • Shockproof
  • Impervious to extreme cold and heat
  • Runtime: Up to 200 hours 
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Brite-Strike® Tactical Illumination Products was started by two police officers, to create world class tactical flashlights that had the features that police officers and citizens need to keep them safe.

Brite-Strike makes the promise to always use the latest technology, world class components, highest design and manufacturing standards, so you can rely on your Brite-Strike light when you need it.
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