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Penn Conventional Reel Cover

$19.99 - $24.99

Protect your investment! 

This 5 mm. neoprene cover features triple stitched seams, a durable Velcro® closure, and lug cut-out slots for easy storage.
  • Small fits Penn® reels: 30VSX, 16VSX, 16VS, 30TW, 30T, 20T, 16S, 12LT, 10KG, 113, 113H, 113H2, 113HSP, 113H2SP, 113HLW, 113H2LW, 113HN, 113MTL, GLD20II, 10LD, 220, 230, GLD20, 15LD, 330GTI, 330GT2, 330LD
  • Medium fits Penn reels: 50VSX, 30VSW, 30VW, 50S, 50T, 50DST, 30SW, 30TW, 30T, 30S, 114, 14H, 114HLW, 340GTI, 340GT2, 345GTI, 345GT2, 15KG, GLD30, GLD30II, 24KG
  • Large fits Penn reels: 70VS, 50VSW, 50VW, 70VSL, 50SW, 50S, 50TW, 115L, GLD50II, 0116L
  • XL fits Penn reels: 80VSW, 80TW, 80T, 80STW, 80ST
  • XXL fits Penn reels: 130VSX, 130ST, 117L
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In 1922, Otto Henze left Germany at age 25 and emigrated to the United States, starting Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company® in Philadelphia soon thereafter. In 1932, he designed the Mod F and the Mod K reels and began selling them to the general public in 1933.

The company's growth in the early thirties was dramatic, especially considering that America was at the height of the depression. Tough times proved to be an advantage for the start-up company, since many people fished for their food. Penn's affordable reels were just what men needed to put food on the table, day after day. In 1936, Penn introduced its most famous reel to this day, the "Senator."

Throughout the early years, Penn reels were used by such well-known and prestigious fisherman as Zane Gray and Ernest Hemingway and have been used in years since to set numerous world records.

The company's commitment to quality products designed for the world's most favorite pastime is evident in today's product range, encompassing salt and freshwater rods and reels, line, and fishing accessories.

Penn — the biggest name in fishing!
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