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Shimano Talavera Type J Spinning Rod

Shimano® engineered the Talavera Type J series of jigging rod for enhanced performance when targeting anything from bottom fish to pelagics with a jig.

Designed to fish with a typical speed-jigging tempo, the Talavera Type J rod loads and unloads quickly to provide the ideal jig flick as an angler works it through the water column. Compared to the Talavera Type Slow J blank (designed for a slower and more methodical presentation), Talavera Type J rod loads faster and pitches the jig more aggressively.

  • One-piece spinning rod
  • Fast action
  • High density EVA grip
  • Uni-butt
  • SeaGuide® Zirconia guides
  • Foregrip length: 6"
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As a leading provider of sport fishing equipment, Shimano® provides tools that help people enjoy outdoor pursuits and interact with nature through healthy non-polluting activities.

The company offers a wide spectrum of reels, rods, and fishing accessories for today's fisherman and has designed and manufactured fishing tackle with technology such as High Efficiency Gearing (HEG), A-RB, and TC4 Construction.

The Shimano corporate goal is to enable people to create new lifestyles that aid in bringing them closer to nature and enable them to share the joy of life with one another. So, get away and get back to the basics with high-quality Shimano fishing gear.
Description Length Line weight Lure weight Price Qty

TTJS60ML - Medium Light power

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6' 0" Max. 30# PowerPro Max 150g. jig $119.99

TTJS60M - Medium power

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6' 0" Max. 40# PowerPro Max 200g. jig $119.99

TTJS60MH - Medium Heavy power

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6' 0" Max. 50# PowerPro Max 250g. jig $119.99