Hayabusa Sabiki EX126 Real Scale Flasher Saltwater Hot Hooks Fishing Rig zoom in


Hayabusa Sabiki EX126 Real Scale Flasher Saltwater Hot Hooks Fishing Rig

Sabiki is a Japanese word for a fishing method in which a rig, or Sabiki, is jigged vertically in the water. Long popular in Japan, Sabiki is gaining considerable popularity by fishing enthusiasts around the world.

  • Ultra one-touch fishing set
  • Simple removal from package - instructions on back
  • High carbon steel fishing hooks
  • Saltwater use
  • Branch line: Flurocarbon
  • Hook: H.MRS171 Gold
  • Style: Real Scale Flasher


  • Size 14: 0.29mm (branch); 0.44mm (main)
  • Size 16: 0.37mm (branch); 0.47mm (main)
  • Size 18: 0.47mm (branch); 0.52mm (main)
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Since their founding in 1958, the folks at Hayabusa® have provided the world with outstanding fish hooks, manufacturing uncompromising products with the functionality, convenience, durability, and even the feel and style that their customers demand. To win the satisfaction of their customers, they faithfully abide by the Japanese principles of craftsmanship - never giving up and doing everything possible.

Going forward, they will continue to deliver even more outstanding products for better fishing, never forgetting their pride as a high-grade fishing hook manufacturer representing Japan.

Hayabusa - The Pride of Japan.
Description Hooks Pack quantity Size Price Qty

EX12614 - Size 14

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6 One rig 13 lb. (branch test); 25 lb. (main test) $6.99

EX12616 - Size 16

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6 One rig 20 lb. (branch test); 30 lb. (main test) $6.99

EX12618 - Size 18

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6 One rig 30 lb. (branch test); 40 lb. (main test) $6.99