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Roberts Ranger Striped Lure

One of Roberts Lures® original designs, the Ranger is their most popular lure. The unique surface action of the Ranger is effective for a myriad of species around the globe including Bluefish, Roosterfish, Stripers, Jack and, Giant Trevally.

Cast in the usual manner, and retrieve at any speed from slow to fast. The best action is in the middle to fast range. No rod action is necessary except when water is almost glassy calm, then a moderate up and down or side to side action with the rod tip will help. As a general rule, use a slower retrieve in rougher water, a faster retrieve when the water is calm.

  • An East Coat favorite
  • Superior long distance casting design
  • Surface action
  • Single hook rigging to enhance catch and release
  • Rigged with Mustad® #3407 7/0 hook 
  • Made in USA
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Producing durable lures that will stand the test of time is the mission at Roberts Lures® in Newmarket, New Hampshire. The company was founded in the early 1970's by Bob Simon, and their lures are still manufactured with the original molds.
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White w/ Blue Stripe Length: 5-1/4" Weight: 2-1/4 oz. Saltwater $12.99


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White w/ Red Stripe Length: 5-1/4" Weight: 2-1/4 oz. Saltwater $12.99