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Roberts Peppy Lure

The Peppy is designed for quiet water fishing such as rivers and estuaries. While Roberts Lures® had salt and brackish water scenarios in mind, this lure's use on fresh water ponds and lakes for bass and pike is a natural.

The lure is basically a surface action lure, which occasionally dives and swims beneath the surface. After a short distance, it will jump out just like a baitfish trying to escape a predator.

Professional saltwater guides use the Peppy for bonito, false albacore and Spanish mackerel; a fast retrieve is appropriate for all of these species. It is one of Roberts Lures' favorites for stripers when matched to a one handed 7' or 8' spinning outfit.

  • Rigged with Mustad® 4/0 hook
  • Outstanding fish catching lure action
  • Superior long distance casting design
  • Single hook rigging to enhance catch and release
  • Made in USA


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Producing durable lures that will stand the test of time is the mission at Roberts Lures® in Newmarket, New Hampshire. The company was founded in the early 1970's by Bob Simon, and their lures are still manufactured with the original molds.
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Chartreuse Length: 2-3/4" Weight: 3/4 oz. Saltwater, freshwater $4.99


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Chrome Length: 2-3/4" Weight: 3/4 oz. Saltwater, freshwater $9.49


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Chrome / Red Length: 2-3/4" Weight: 3/4 oz. Saltwater, freshwater $9.49