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Storm Kickin’ Minnow Lure

All the attractive features in the book are incorporated into this bait.

Enhancing its swimming minnow action is a segmented body with a kicking tail and polycarbonate lip to give off the most action possible for a swimming bait. Don't forget about the 3-D holographic eyes and both realistic and flashy color patterns that make this a fish catching machine.
  • Segmented body with kicking tail
  • Durable soft plastic body
  • Life-like swimming action
  • Rigged with a premium red VMC® hook
  • Holographic insert
  • Holographic 3-D eye
  • Polycarbonate lip
  • 10" lure has two red treble hooks
  • Suggested use: Saltwater
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Founded in 1964, Storm® is well known for such popular-selling hard lures as the Wiggle Wart®, Hot 'N Tot®, Chug Bug®, ThunderCrank®, and ThunderStick®. In recent years, however, the company has also found success with a line of soft plastic baits including the popular WildEye® Live series, the Kickin' Minnow, and the Intense® Swim Shad.

Whether your preference is a hard or soft lure, freshwater or saltwater, Storm is sure to have the lure to match your fishing needs.
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Gizzard Shad Length: 1-1/4" Weight: 3/8 oz. Saltwater $5.99


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Perch Length: 1-1/4" Weight: 3/8 oz. Saltwater $5.99