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Shappell Sled Wear Bar Kit

$27.99 - $34.99

These ultra high density polyethylene wear bars will extend the life of Jet Sled™ bases.
  • Takes the abuse of dragging sled over concrete, asphalt, dirt, gravel, rough ice and snow
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware with water tight seal
  • SWB1:  Fits Jet Sled Jr., SUV, Kodiak Jr.
  • SWB2:  Fits Jet Sled XL, Kodiak XL
  • SWB3:  Fits Jet Sled 1, Kodiak 1
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Developed over 35 years ago, Shappell® is a an American-based company offering an extensive selection of portable ice shelters, sleds, and accessories.
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