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ThermaSeat Ice Hole Insulator

Avoid freezing and keep fishing! ThermaSeat's® Ice Hole Insulator floats directly on the surface inside the fishing hole, and contains a slot to insert your tip-up, so your fishing won’t be interrupted.

  • Works like magic to keep your ice hole clean - no batteries or chemicals
  • 12" diameter 3/4" thick to fit over a stander ice auger hole without falling in
  • Quiet Softek™ closed-cell foam insulation
  • Waterproof


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ThermaSeat® is a true story of the American Dream. A little over 30 years ago current President / Owner Peter Luccisano was preparing to leave for his annual hunting trip to the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts. The climate and conditions can be harsh, and comfort and warmth are necessities. As he packed away his gear he noticed a tear in his traditional hotseat, leaving the Styrofoam pellets all over the floor. At the time Peter was in the construction business and had some left over closed cell foam. He decided to glue it together to use as his seat for the week in the mountains. The rest is history.
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