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StrikeMaster Lazer 8" Hand Ice Auger

The snickering stops when someone brandishes a Lazer®. A hand auger, yes, but one with ninja skills and blades like Japanese throwing stars. In the right hands, the Lazer cuts to the quick, outpacing off-brand, bottom feeding hand-augers, even cheap gas-augers.

  • Chrome-alloy stainless steel Lazer blades
  • Powder-coated paint to reduce ice build-up
  • Cushioned, ergonomically-designed handles
  • Adjustable handle - adjusts from 48-57"
  • Breaks down into two pieces for transport and storage
  • Wing-bolt, blades and blade cover included
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Building legendary gas, electric and hand augers around three core elements: Power, Speed & Lightness, StrikeMaster® continues to win the race to the bottom of the hole.

With 65+ years experience of reaching fish through the ice, each model features premium components, unmatched by the competition.
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Chrome alloy stainless steel 8" 2 $144.99