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Jiffy Stealth STX Power Ice Auger Replacement Blade Kit

$79.99 - $85.99

The Stealth STX™ Serrated Ripper™ Blade and Power Point Blades last two to three times longer than any blade on the market. Just think - that translates into more fishing time!

Stealth STX serrated blades feature a baked on, E-friendly, finish to protect the blade, while the serrations provide a faster, smoother cut.

Jiffy® Replacement Stealth STX Blade Kit includes:

  • One yellow Ripper blade
  • Two small Stealth STX  blades

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Feldmann Engineering & Mfg. Co. Inc. was started in 1947, in a cheese factory building near Plymouth, Wisconsin, by Marvin H. Feldmann as a proprietorship. The business was incorporated in 1968.

The conception of a power ice drill, for ice fishing, began in 1948 with a fellow Plymouth Wisconsin Fire Department member of Marvin Feldmann's, who loved to ice fish and could often outsmart the fish by getting his limit. This avid ice fisherman was a truck driver and delivered and picked up product from Lauson Engine Company in New Holstein, WI. He had purchased an engine from Lauson Engine Company and endeavored to build a rig to cut through the lake ice with power. His efforts met with failure. He knew Marvin Feldmann has started his small business and had good mechanical ability, so he discussed his efforts and and desire to build a powered ice cutting machine. Marvin agreed to give it a try. It did not end with a single effort as Marvin gave it many tries before he succeeded to develop a product that could cut through the ice, with engine power, in a reasonable fashion. Thus, the Jiffy® Power Ice Drill came into being.

Many improvements have been made over the past 50 years for the Jiffy Ice Drill. These include a lighter weight unit, improved ice cutting technology, and improvements in safe use and ease of handling.

Jiffy ice drills - U.S. engineered for ultimate performance.
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3588STX - 8"

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3590STX - 10"

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