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Strike King Rocket Shad Spinnerbait Lure

Strike King's® Rocket Shad® is built for speed. You can cast it farther, retrieve it faster, and cover more water than ever before. It is the perfect schooling fish lure and a great drop bait too.

This lure runs perfectly in fast current conditions which makes it terrific in rivers. It perfectly imitates the most common baitfish - the shad. Many different species of fish are attracted to it. Try a Rocket Shad and watch fish hit their afterburners to catch one!
  • Premium blade
  • Ball bearing swivel
  • Upturned double hook
  • Exclusive cone skirt
  • Fish shaped head
  • 3D reflective eye
  • Safety pin wire
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Strike King® has been manufacturing soft plastic lures, spinner baits, and crankbaits for fishing since 1966.
Description Color(s) Size / Weight Application Price Qty


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Chartreuse Shad Weight: 1/4 oz. Freshwater $4.99


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White Shad Weight: 3/8 oz. Freshwater $4.99


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Shad Weight: 3/8 oz. Freshwater $4.99