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Mepps Basser Dressed Lure Kit

Here is a great selection of Mepps® spinners for the smallmouth or largemouth bass angler who prefers dressed spinners.

Dressed lures present a larger profile and will attract larger fish. In line spinners are the go-to lures for many bass fishermen because they produce a flash and vibration no other lure can duplicate.

Mepps solid brass blades produce a thump you can feel all the way up to your shoulder. If you like catching bass you owe it to yourself to try the lures in this kit.

All Mepps spinners feature solid brass bodies. Spinner blades are silver plated, copper or polished brass. Beads are hand-turned on a lathe to resist chipping and cracking. Flexible vinyl decals are silk screened with UV inks to resist fading.

All Mepps dressed lures feature squirrel tail, bucktail, or natural hackle dressing.
  • One #2 Aglia® - Copper blade / Brown tail
  • One #3 XD - Gold body / Gold blade / Yellow tail
  • One #2 Aglia Long - Silver blade / Yellow tail
  • One #3 Aglia - Gold blade / Brown tail
  • One #3 XD - Silver body / Silver blade / White tail
  • One #3 Black Fury - Yellow Dots / Yellow tail
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The Mepps® name is an acronym for Manufacture d'Engins de Précisions pour la Pêche Sportive.

Mr. Andre Meulnart designed the first Mepps, and what is commonly referred to as the original French spinner, in 1938. He named his creation the Aglia®, which is Latin for butterfly. Since then there have been tens of millions of Mepps produced, and they remain one of the most lures for a wide variety of species.
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Assorted Blade: Sizes #2 & 3 Freshwater - Bass $39.99