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Woodstock Metered Lead Core Braided Trolling Line

$18.99 - $40.99

Woodstock color-coded lead core fishing line changes colors every ten yards to help you determine line depth.

  • High strength nylon braided over micro lead core wire gives deep water fisherman a strong edge
  • Nylon braid produces a smaller diameter line than most Dacron braids
  • Thinner diameter gets your line down fast in strong currents or in deep water when trolling
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The Woodstock Line® Company was started in 1946 by two brothers, Sam and Abe Rodensky. They prided themselves with, and became proficient at, producing high quality braided nylon and dacron fishing line. In the 1960's, monofilament was introduced into their product line as the preferred line used for spin casting. In later years, lead core trolling line was also added. This was followed by Power Strike™, the newest generation of modern day fishing line made from 100% Spectra™ and impregnated with a special blend of resins.

Woodstock Line continues to grow. Their 1,400 braiding machines run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and their products are sold throughout the US, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and in the Pacific Rim.
Description # Test(s) Yardage Yds. per color Price Qty


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12 lb. 100 Yards 10 Yards $18.99


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15 lb. 100 Yards 10 Yards $19.99


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18 lb. 100 Yards 10 Yards $20.99


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27 lb. 100 Yards 10 Yards $21.99


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18 lb. 200 Yards 10 Yards $39.99


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27 lb. 200 Yards 10 Yards $40.99