Rosco Romar Brass 3-Way Swivel - 2-5 Pk. zoom in


Rosco Romar Brass 3-Way Swivel - 2-5 Pk.

Here's the all time favorite for dropper rigs, surf leaders, carp and more.

  • Use in multi-line and high test down rigging applications
  • High quality brass finish
  • Made in USA
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Rome Specialty Company, Inc. has been in the terminal tackle business in Rome, New York since 1926. From its inception, Rosco's® principal products have been sport and commercial fishing swivels and snaps. Rosco is the oldest and largest manufacturer of terminal fishing tackle in the United States. In fact their first president, J. Howard Butts, was a founding member of the Associated Fishing Tackle Manufacturers' Organization, predecessor to the American Fishing Tackle Manufacturers' Association and now the American Sportfishing Association.

Rosco takes pride in their high quality American-made products and have a history of customer satisfaction dating back 85 years. Some of their current loyal customers have been purchasing Rosco products for decades.

Rosco - making fish stories come true for over 85 years.
Description Pack quantity Strength Style Price Qty

946-6C - #6

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5 30 lb. Swivel $3.99

946-4C - #4

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5 40 lb Swivel $3.99

946-2C - #2

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4 90 lb. Swivel $3.99

946-1/0C - 1/0

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2 100 lb. Swivel $3.99

946-2/0C - 2/0

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2 125 lb. Swivel $3.99

946-3/0C - 3/0

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2 170 lb. Swivel $3.99