Thill Premium Bobber Stop - 6-18 Pk. zoom in


Thill Premium Bobber Stop - 6-18 Pk.

$1.99 - $3.99

Thill® bobber stops are quality stop knots that grip monofilament more easily and dependably than other bobber stops.
  • High-vis colors
  • Fine-diameter material
  • Premium thread resists fraying
  • Assorted pack contains: Fluorescent Pink, Orange and Yellow
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Thill Floats® offer the highest-quality practical float-fishing aids and fishing float accessories available. These fishing floats are super sensitive to immediately alert you to even the lightest bites. They also come in an incredible array of styles and sizes. Whatever your fishing need, whether you're a novice or a professional float angler, you can find everything you need to catch fish from Thill’s® diverse line.
Description Color Style Price Qty

NBS026 - 6 Pack

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Hot Pink Float $1.99

BS006 - 6 Pack

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Fluorescent Yellow Float $1.99

BSA18 - 18 Pack

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Assorted Float $3.99