Bullet Weights Reusable Tin Split Shot Sinker - 8-48 Pk. zoom in


Bullet Weights Reusable Tin Split Shot Sinker - 8-48 Pk.

Tin is softer than other non-lead metals, making it an ideal, environmentally-smart solution for removable shot.
  • Easy on / easy off
  • Lighter than lead
  • Environmentally-friendly  
  • Freshwater use
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Larry Crumrine, an engineer and avid fisherman, had the simple idea of designing a lead weight with a shape that could more easily be fished by bass anglers in heavy cover. He developed a bullet-shaped sinker that would eventually become a staple among almost every angler in the world.

The uniquely shaped weight became the launching point in 1970 for Crumrine’s new company called Bullet Weights®, Inc. Crumrine promoted the new sinker vigorously through local and regional fishing tournaments and the product caught on quickly.

The lead product line continued to grow rapidly with new products added each year. Then in 1995, Bullet Weights demonstrated its innovation as a company by adding Ultra Steel® and Ultra Tin™ products to its line. These products were offered to anglers as an alternative to lead, but more importantly as a line of sinkers that had their own unique fishing performance advantages. Some of the Ultra Steel products were also offered with patented PermaScent™ and PermaColor™ features.

Today, Bullet Weights is one of the largest sinker manufacturers in the world and is reported to have the largest selection of fishing sinker products in the marketplace. Its products are distributed worldwide by major outdoor retailers, marine dealers, sporting goods stores, and department stores.
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#7 Natural 24 $3.99


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#5 Natural 17 $3.99


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#4 Natural 15 $3.99


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#3 Natural 12 $3.99


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#1 Natural 8 $3.99