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Berkley Trilene XT Fishing Line

$8.99 - $10.99

Berkeley® Trilene XT® line is extra-tough for abrasive conditions. An improved abrasion-resistant formula makes XT even tougher and more durable. XT holds up to rocks, logs, docks, and other cover when other lines won't. More bass tournament pros turn to XT than to any other monofilament.

  • Tough and flexible
  • Tough against all rough or sharp objects
  • Superior strength to fight fish in heavy cover
  • Manageable line
  • Ideal for flipping, pitching or casting
  • Freshwater or saltwater use
  • Made in USA
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The year was 1937 and 16-year old Berkley Bedell decided to take $50.00 from his paper route earnings to start a business selling his hand-tied flies to fishing tackle shops and vacationing anglers. Soon, neighborhood girls were working for him in their homes and in his basement making flies, silkworm gut, and cable wire leaders.

Berkley's ongoing experimentation over the next few years would lead, in 1959, to the introduction of the infamous Berkley® Trilene® monofilament line. Since that time, the company has added rods, baits and countless other product innovations to become one of the world's leading tackle companies.

For lures, line, fishing accessories and more, you can count on the Berkley line of products.
Description # Test(s) Color(s) Yardage Price Qty


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6 lb. Lo-Vis Green 330 yards $8.99


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6 lb. Clear 330 yards $8.99


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8 lb. Lo-Vis Green 330 yards $8.99


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10 lb. Lo-Vis Green 300 yards $9.99


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12 lb. Lo-Vis Green 300 yards $9.99


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14 lb. Lo-Vis Green 300 yards $9.99


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17 lb. Lo-Vis Green 300 yards $10.99


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20 lb. Lo-Vis Green 270 yards $10.99


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25 lb. Lo-Vis Green 250 yards $10.99