Slider Snagless Slider Head - 4 Pk. zoom in


Slider Snagless Slider Head - 4 Pk.

The Snagless Slider offers quick Texas-style rigging and is almost snagproof in heavy cover like logs, tree tops, stumps, stick-ups, roots, weeds, grass, milfoil and timber.

  • Charlie Brewer design
  • Thin wire, bronze Aberdeen hook
  • Great for bass fishing and swimming through weeds
  • Head color: Black
  • Hook size: 3/0
  • Made in USA
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Charlie Brewer's Slider Company® was started in 1970 after a lifetime of fishing experience by Charlie Brewer, Sr. This experience and desire to improve sport fishing led to the development of the Slider technique. Slider fishing is a simple do-nothing method for imitating nature. It offers a fun and relaxing way to increase your catch. Light tackle is the approach used to fish Slider products.The Slider technique has been proven to be productive throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, Korea and in many other countries, in all types of water and on many species of fish.
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Length: 2-5/16" Weight: 1/16 oz. 4 Jig head $4.99


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Length: 2-5/16" Weight: 1/4 oz. 4 Jig head $4.99