Hayabusa WRM 956 Wide Gap Offset Hook - 4-7 Pk. zoom in


Hayabusa WRM 956 Wide Gap Offset Hook - 4-7 Pk.

The Hayabusa® WRM 956 Wide Gap Offset fishing hook is one of the most versatile, multi-purpose products for soft plastic fishing lures. It can be used for wider and bulkier soft plastics to ensure there is enough separation from the hook bend and the soft plastic, which enables bass fishermen to experience a solid, effective, and productive hookset. 

Bass anglers who frequently fish with medium-to-large craw baits, creature baits, and thicker artificial worms will prefer this hook design.

  • Package of four to seven hooks
  • Tempered, high carbon steel for incredible tensile strength and high corrosion-resistance
  • Sharpened by unique chemical treatment process
  • Designed to accommodate thicker, bulkier soft plastics
  • S-shaped shank head creates tight fit for soft plastics and prevents artificial lures from sliding down shank or ripping
  • Silky smooth NRB (Non-Reflective Black) fluorine coated finish
  • Suggested use: Bass
  • Manufactured in Japan


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Since their founding in 1958, the folks at Hayabusa® have provided the world with outstanding fish hooks, manufacturing uncompromising products with the functionality, convenience, durability, and even the feel and style that their customers demand. To win the satisfaction of their customers, they faithfully abide by the Japanese principles of craftsmanship - never giving up and doing everything possible.

Going forward, they will continue to deliver even more outstanding products for better fishing, never forgetting their pride as a high-grade fishing hook manufacturer representing Japan.

Hayabusa - The Pride of Japan.
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2/0 7 Offset $3.99


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3/0 6 Offset $3.99


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4/0 5 Offset $3.99


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5/0 4 Offset $3.99