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Mooselook Wobbler or Trout Lure Kit

John A. Green developed the Mooselook® Wobbler® in 1938 on Lake Mooselookmeguntic in Maine, from where it takes its name. Its a northeastern favorite in the lake regions of New England and Canada, and a classic and proven trout and salmon spoon for over 60 years.

The 4-pack kit is a convenient way to get all your favorite lures in a package. Each kit has been specially selected to give you an assortment of colors, finishes and actions to match any fishing condition. Use them to refill your tackle box, to give as a gift to your favorite angler, or to try new lures.

  • Developed by an angler for anglers
  • Pump your rod occasionally to trigger strikes from followers
  • Appears to be darting away or fluttering back like a wounded baitfish
  • Suggested use: All gamefish
  • Made in Canada

* Photo represents product. Colors and weights may vary.

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The Mooselook® Wobbler was developed in 1938 on Lake Mooselookmeguntic in the state of Maine from where it takes its name. It's arguably the most recognized, and to this day, popular trout and land locked salmon spoon in New England. The Mooselook Wobbler is also a popular trout lure anywhere anglers fish for them.

Since the acquisition of Mooselook by Brecks® in 2002, they're taken this venerable brand and improved upon it, all the time maintaining the proven shape and weight of this classic design.

Mooselook Wobblers now have a genuine silver or 24 carat gold finish. Two smaller sizes have been added to the Wobbler series, and an entirely new flutter spoon has been introduced under the Mooselook brand - the Thinfish. The Wobbler selection now includes the classic favorites like the pearl red dot, fluorescent orange and silver, gold, and copper, and also includes a number of new finishes requested by anglers over the years.

Mooselook - Made in North America by anglers for anglers.
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MLTR-ASST - Trout Trolling

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Assorted Freshwater Assorted $39.99

MLWB-ASST - Original Medium

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Assorted Freshwater Assorted $39.99