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Acme K.O. Wobbler Lure

This lure excites fish by sight and sound! Gamefish are sensitive to the vibrations created by baitfish on the move.

K.O. Wobblers mimic this sound with their precision-engineered Sonic Flipper Tail. Once they are drawn by the sound, gamefish are excited into striking by the K.O.'s Flashing tail and seductive side-to-side wobble.

It's an offer they can't refuse.
  • Heavy spinning and deep trolling and casting
  • 10 - 15 lb. test
  • Suggested use: Pacific and Great Lakes; Salmon, Lake trout, Saltwater fish
  • Made in USA
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For over five decades, fishermen have equated the name Acme® with quality in metal fishing lures; quality of design, components, and finish. Acme's motto, "Designed to catch fish, not fishermen" is as true today as when the company was started by Art Lavallee in 1950.

All Acme lures are extensively field-tested by expert fishermen. The finest stainless steel split rings and world-famous Mustad® hooks Acme uses strike deep and hold fast, because a lure must not only cause fish to strike; it needs to hook 'em and hold 'em.
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