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Quantum Smoke S3 PT Baitcasting Reel

You don’t build a product this exceptional by going with the flow. So while most of the fishing industry focuses on smaller reels with tiny spools, Quantum® engineered a larger 35.5mm spool into a very compact frame to provide anglers plenty of line capacity, longer casts and more inches of line pick-up with every turn of the handle.

However spool size becomes somewhat irrelevant without a top-notch braking system, so Quantum performed a tremendous amount of engineering research to develop a new ACS 4.0™ cast control that is lighter in weight which minimizes the amount of energy it takes to get the spool spinning on a cast, along with additional brakes that disengage around 5000 RPMs to maximize distance.

  • Baitcasting reel with PT low profile design
  • Aluminum frame that stikes perfect balance between weight and strength
  • Over-sized spool technology
  • CAD program and manufactured PT gears for world-class smoothness
  • Factory-applied PT sauce lubricants to lower friction and increase reel longevity
  • PT thumbar design provides comfortable operation cast after cast
  • PT anti-corrosion bearings standup to saltwater
  • PT line memo
  • Multiple coatings create sealed barrier against the elements
  • Continuous Anti-Reverse™
  • Side cover springs open for convenient access to spool with lever operation
  • PT power handle
  • Zero friction design
  • Manufacturer's 3 year Iron Clad Warranty
  • Bearings: 10 + 1
  • Max drag: 25 lbs.
  • Weight: 6.9 oz.
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The growing number of anglers choosing Quantum® PT products is a direct result of the company's commitment to marketing new and exciting technologies that enhance the experience of fishing and help prolong the life of your tackle.

With technology such as Continuous Anti-Reverse™, Hot Sauce™ lubricant, and its Infinite ACS™ braking system, Quantum is continuously on the cutting edge of new technology finds to ensure that its tackle is the very best you can buy.

Experience Fishing at a Quantum level.
Description Line capacity Gear ratio RH / LH Price Qty

SM100SPTBX2 - 27" retrieve

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Mono: 170/12, Braid: 210/30 6.1:1 Right handed $199.99

SM100HPTBX2 - 32" retrieve

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Mono: 170/12, Braid: 210/30 7.3:1 Right handed $199.99

SM101HPTBX2 - 32" retrieve

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Mono: 170/12, Braid: 210/30 7.3:1 Left handed $199.99