Nories Sankaku T-San 5 Lure - 7 Pk. zoom in


Nories Sankaku T-San 5" Lure - 7 Pk.

Sankaku T-San was developed based on the premise of a heavy-weight cat rig with an offset hook that's hard to get caught up and can withstand fights with big fish, and a heavy-weight nail sinker. The offset hook and nail sinker each play the role of the spine, so when you hook it to a cover etc. and shake it at one point, the tail, nail sinker insertion part, and hook part move in different directions, creating an unprecedented high appeal action. In addition, with a straight retrieve, the entire body vibrates to appeal to bass, so it shows high performance even when used with a rig similar to a general straight worm.

  • Package of 7
  • New wave soft bait for Neko rig
  • Unique worm-style design
  • Protruding part of tail grabs water, generating strong vibrations during action
  • Offset hook #1-1/0 recommended
  • Suggested use: Bass
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Created by Norio Tanabe, Nories™ by Spro® fishing lures focus on pure fishing, not trends or cycles. Hours were spent on the water, checking minute details with rigorous testing. Nories isn't just excellent tackle that will catch fish, but tackle with the ability to help anglers improve.
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