Nories Latterie Worm 5.25" Lure - 8 pk.

Latterie™ is a pure straight style worm, essential for catching fish. The taper design creates an appealing action and body rib produces a fine vibration that appeals and entices bass. Used with bait finesse tackle on a Neko or Wacky rig the lures vibrates all-over when a shake action is applied, yet stays in the one location for pinpoint appeal. When fished on a standard jig head rig or used with an Italian rig (i.e. offset hook setting with nail sinker inserted in head section) it keeps the perfect shape on fall and produces a fine vibration when swimming to attract and entice nervous big bass. 

  • Package of 8
  • Tapered design
  • Ribbed body
  • Infused with Nories® encapsulated taste and scent formula for longer bites and stronger hook ups
  • Vibrates
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Created by Norio Tanabe, Nories™ by Spro® fishing lures focus on pure fishing, not trends or cycles. Hours were spent on the water, checking minute details with rigorous testing. Nories isn't just excellent tackle that will catch fish, but tackle with the ability to help anglers improve.
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