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Scum Frog Pro Series Frog Lure

Based on years and years of experience, the Scum Frog Pro Series Frog has all the little features you need to catch fish when other frogs can’t seem to cut it. For one, it features an extra loud glass rattle designed to produce maximum noise, and call to fish lurking below the surface. The rattle is also attached to the bottom of the hook, well out of the way for good hooksets, but still attached directly to the steel shank to magnify the noise underwater.

The hook is nothing less than a premium, super sharp 4/0 Owner frog hook, which is pointed slightly up to increase your hooking percentage. Also affixed with a high quality brass weight that allows it to consistently land on its belly and always stay balanced, it comes equipped with a nose ring as well that gives it more freedom of movement and helps it easily walk-the-dog. 

  • Hollow body frog
  • Lands on belly when cast
  • Extra loud rattle
  • Nose ring
  • Topwater
  • Ideal for bass
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Scum Frog® is a specialty designer of frog lures for bass fishing.
Description Color(s) Size / Weight Application Price Qty


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Black Night Weight: 5/8 oz. Freshwater $7.49


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Bright White Weight: 5/8 oz. Freshwater $7.49


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Natural Black / Green Weight: 5/8 oz. Freshwater $7.49


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Green Pumpkin Weight: 5/8 oz. Freshwater $7.49