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Megabass Dog-X Diamante Rattle Lure

Carefully honed for hard-cutting walking action, Megabass Dog-X Diamante Rattle slashes through water with unparalleled responsiveness. Featuring a sculpted gill plate to add disturbance to each turn, Diamante walks with a lively commotion in calm and rough conditions alike. 

  • Topwater lure
  • Stress-free, dynamic walking action 
  • Designed to excel even at high speed
  • Ideally suited to rapid deployment, searching wide areas quickly and effectively 
  • Sculpted gill plate 
  • Attention-grabbing rattle
  • Three Gamakatsu® SP-MH #5 treble hooks 


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The birth of Megabass® in the U.S. is the stuff of legend, involving a cross-country trek in the early 90’s, in which the Megabass designer / CEO, Yuki Ito, challenged pro staff of local stores and area pros to one-on-one fishing duels. If Yuki Ito won, the store had to buy his lures; if the U.S. angler won, then Yuki had to buy local tackle from the store. This approach, combined with the quality and flat out fish-catching ability that was evident in Yuki’s handcrafted Megabass equipment, succeeded in convincing stores to take on this premium imported tackle. Today Megabass continues this tradition of innovation, quality, and custom handicraft, never losing sight of the angler’s hands for which each Megabass product is painstakingly made.
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