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Heddon Spit'n Image Lure

The original Spit'n Image set the world on fire in 1997!

This lure is the spitting image of a fleeing shad.
  • Unique walking action
  • Moves from side-to-side when retrieved
  • Tail  sits low in the water when sitting still
  • Two #6 rotating treble hooks
  • Suggested use: Bass
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From the Heddon® Hellbender to the Zara Spook, Heddon fishing lures are some of the most talked about lures on the market. It's no surprise that these popular fishing lures are some of the world's bestsellers. The Heddon Torpedo is the world's number one selling propeller-equipped topwater lure, and more than 13 million Heddon Hellbenders have been sold to date. Heddon lures are also among of the most collected fishing lure brands, with an avid following among antique lure collectors.

So what makes these fishing lures so popular? James Heddon is acknowledged as the creator of the artificial fishing lure, and the present-day Heddon lures follow that same innovative vision. Their dead-on coloring, sturdy components, and enticing action get incredible strikes from bass, pike, trout, redfish, and more. Even the most aggressive fish won't get away because these fishing lures are designed to stand up to heavy abuse. That's why the bass fishing pros swear by Heddon fishing lures - not only do they attract the big fish; they keep them on your line.
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Threadfin Shad Length: 3-1/4" Weight: 7/16 oz. Freshwater $7.99