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Arbogast Jointed Jitterbug Clicker Lure

Take the surface-busting sound created by the Jitterbug's special lip and add the action of these tail wagging Jointed Jitterbugs and anglers have the most action packed topwater lure available today.

The motion of the jointed tail creates extra flash from the frantic swinging of the lure's bright plated treble hooks. They can be fished slowly to product the rhythmic plopping sound or faster to create surface commotion.

  • Excellent nighttime fishing lure
  • Double cupped lip
  • Jointed swimming action
  • Clicker
  • 3/8 oz. has #5 treble hooks
  • 5/8 oz. has #1 treble hooks
  • Suggested use: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike
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Whether you're gearing up for a day of bass fishing or tracking Northern pike, you'll want to have Arbogast® lures in your tackle box. Anglers have been reeling in big catches for more than fifty years with the help of these supreme topwater fishing lures. Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, Northern pike, and panfish can't resist the action of an Arobogast fishing bait.

Arbogast fishing lures are known for being some of the best topwater lures in the business, producing surface-shattering strikes from monster bass. The Hula Popper™ and Jitterbug™ lures are long-time favorites of the pros because they consistently produce results. The Jitterbug lure is well documented as the number one topwater lure for night fishing, and the Hula Popper's distinctive sound and action to bring fish out from under heavy cover. The Hocus Locust™ takes the same innovative approach by combining the action of the Jitterbug with a lifelike locust appearance.

You won't believe how fish attack these topwater lures, making fishing with an Arbogast fishing bait a heart-pounding adventure.
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