Gary Yamamoto 5 Single Tail Grub Lure - 20 Pk. zoom in


Gary Yamamoto 5" Single Tail Grub Lure - 20 Pk.

This versatile bait that can be used as a spinnerbait or jig trailer.
  • Package of 20
  • Fish on a jighead or Texas-rigged
  • Compelling baitfish imitator
  • Great for attracting bass
  • Package of 20 weight: 0.25 lb.
  • Made in USA
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To say that Gary Yamamoto® Custom Baits is just a tackle manufacturer would be like saying that Da Vinci was just an artist. There are more dimensions to the man than immediately meet the eye.

The lure company that Gary Yamamoto has built over the past three decades was born of his desire as an angler to build a better mousetrap. Starting with one lure, the Hula Grub, he's built an empire of game-changing baits that together comprise not just a tackle arsenal but rather a complete fishing system and philosophy.

Whether he's at Yamamoto central in Page, Arizona, at his Texas ranch, on tour fishing major tournaments, or traveling abroad to spread the word, Yamamoto is an angler first, a theoretician second, and a businessman third. He's managed to take his message to the four corners of the United States as well as Europe, Africa and Japan, and the legend keeps growing.

Gary Yamamoto - because what you fish matters.
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