Booyah Toadrunner Lure

The Booyah® Toadrunner is built around a modified Pad Crasher body. Side rails were added to help the lure plane easier and stay upright. Precisely-sized legs balance and stabilize the Toadrunner in motion, while providing a life-like appearance and motion when the lure stops. 

The 360-degree rotating tail creates a plopping sound and includes a molded-in wire which allows you to bend the tail to change the motion and sound profile as needed. The clear tail helps fish zero in on the Toadrunner's body, where high-quality hooks will strike back when they bite. 

Use Toadrunner in the thickest of cover where the big ones live, and fish it with a steady retrieve or a stop-and-go-motion. 

  • Creates unique sound to land big fish
  • Molded-in wire in tail allows anglers to adjust action and sound 
  • Modified Pad Crasher body helps planing and keeps bait upright
  • Legs stabilize and balance lure
  • Additional tail included
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