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Rebel Hellgramite Lure

The Rebel® Hellgrammite ultralight artificial lure is a sinking, bottom-searching fishing lure with life-like rubber legs and natural colors. It's a true nature's look-alike and will produce fish in ponds, streams and lakes.

  • Sinking bait
  • Treble hooks
  • Hook size: #14
  • Suggested use: Bass, bluegill, trout


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The first Rebel® lure met with instant success. Produced in 1960, the 3-1/2" Rebel Minnow was recognized for its excellence, and demand quickly grew for other sizes and styles to fill fishing tackle boxes around the country. The Rebel brand answered the call with a host of legendary fishing lures such as the Broken BackMinnow, Pop-R, Wee-R, and the Rebel Crawfish series.

The Rebel Tracdown sinking minnow lure sinks one foot per second, allowing freshwater fishermen to hold the fishing line at the depth of suspended trout or other game fish. Another favorite among avid anglers, the Rebel Humpback crankbait, is a shallow runner ideal for schooling fish. Bass fishermen use the Wee-R fishing lure as a fish locator around rocks, stumps, and submerged timber.

Today, the Rebel product line has expanded to include fishing lures for all species of fresh and saltwater fishing, and pro and novice anglers alike are proud to equip their tackle boxes with Rebel Lures.
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Natural - Mature Length: 1-3/4" Weight: 3/32 oz. Freshwater $6.99


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Natural - Immature Length: 1-3/4" Weight: 3/32 oz. Freshwater $6.99