Nories Escape Swim Twin 3.25 Lure - 6 Pk. zoom in


Nories Escape Swim Twin 3.25" Lure - 6 Pk.

The Escape Swim Twin is an advanced bass lure designed for suspended fishing. Its unique sidewall joint produces a wide action, even on light sinkers, for an eye-catching flapping that attracts bass. With a dense, salted material, it offers superior castability and control. The tail action can be used at any fall speed, and the lure works on a normal Texas rig or a backslide setting. Its encapsulated scent and taste increase success rate.

  • Package of 6
  • Use for suspended fishing
  • Sidewall joint 
  • Eye-catching flapping
  • Salted and scented
  • Offset hook 1/0 recommended
  • Suggested use: Bass
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Created by Norio Tanabe, Nories™ by Spro® fishing lures focus on pure fishing, not trends or cycles. Hours were spent on the water, checking minute details with rigorous testing. Nories isn't just excellent tackle that will catch fish, but tackle with the ability to help anglers improve.
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