Nories Big Escape Twin 5" Lure - 5 Pk.

A beefed up version of the trusty Escape Twin™ bulky bait, Big Escape Twin is the strongest bulky bait in the line-up. Obviously it works well on heavy Texas rigs and heavy Carolina rigs, but it also shines as a rubber jig trailer that absolutely mesmerizes large bass with its dominating presence. The large thick paddles beat at the water while the curled feelers and reverse set legs increase friction for more action in the water. The lure falls slowly horizontally through the water, meaning it can be used with non-weighted on a heavy Texas rig or Carolina rig to drop the sinker first and then slowly drop the bait.

Made with salt impregnated high density material, the lure alone is 18g. so it is easily pitched. It is also packed with taste and scent that bass prefer, for easy hooking. 

  • Package of 5
  • Two large and thick paddles
  • Infused with Nories® encapsulated taste and scent formula for longer bites and stronger hook ups
  • Must-have for fast  and strong fishing styles
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Created by Norio Tanabe, Nories™ by Spro® fishing lures focus on pure fishing, not trends or cycles. Hours were spent on the water, checking minute details with rigorous testing. Nories isn't just excellent tackle that will catch fish, but tackle with the ability to help anglers improve.
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