Bill Lewis Hammer-Trap Lipless Crankbait Lure

The Hammer-Trap's name is derived from its incredible hammering action. This action, which will literally rock your rod tip, also activates the Tri-Tone sound chambers. In turn, this emits 3 distinct tonal frequencies as well as the next-level vibration. When stopped on the retrieve, the Hammer-Trap will fall with a fluttering action. These attributes, along with a very modern profile, culminate in a lure that draws vicious strikes from any fish in its vicinity. 

  • Tri-Tone sound chambers
  • Powerful hammering action
  • Flutters on fall
  • Mustad® Triple Grip treble hooks
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Bill Lewis Lures has been making fishing tackle for over 50 years!

Whether it’s bass fishing, or going for pike, walleye, trout, crappie, perch, redfish, stripers, or any other game fish, the Rat-L-Trap® has stood the test of time and proven that it’s one of the most effective lipless crankbaits in a widest variety of conditions. Many will argue that it’s one of the best bass lures ever made.
Description Color(s) Size / Weight Application Price Qty


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Rayburn Red Craw Weight: 3/8 oz. Freshwater $8.99


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Sneaky Shad Weight: 3/8 oz. Freshwater $8.99


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Fire Craw Weight: 3/8 oz. Freshwater $8.99


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Pro Perch Weight: 3/8 oz. Freshwater $8.99


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Gold Black Splatter / Orange Belly Weight: 3/8 oz. Freshwater $8.99


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Smallie Magic Weight: 3/8 oz. Freshwater $8.99


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Guacamole Weight: 3/8 oz. Freshwater $8.99


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Purple Nurple Weight: 3/8 oz. Freshwater $8.99